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BSMH – Magnetic Monopol

Internationally patented continuous motion device

Proper spacing and angles formed by sequences of magnetic loops.We call it simply, “Magnetic Rotator”. The patent is called “magnetic monopole”.

It works with the magnetic force of magnets alone. Furthermore, it typically does not require any power supply.

The power of our motors, is directly proportional to the power of the magnetic field, that is created by the magnets Magnet technology development will play a direct role in the development of the machine.

It does not produce any heat or waste, so it is nature-friendly. Even in its production as well as in its use, environment-friendly technologies are used. It does not create any harmful effect on the environment, nor does it harm human or other living things.

The motor can be operated in every rpm and every power output level [within material limits]. Available prototypes have yielded test results ranging from 0.5 HP to 508 HP.

It can be scaled to any size, ranging from a ship engine down to a watch battery.

Any kind of movement can be adapted from the system. Circular motion (torque) is provided by the device, which can be converted to any mechanical assembly: shaft, belt, propeller, wheels, gearbox, generator, etc.

This device is able to rotate any machine, device, or mechanism that works on the principles of rotational techniques in the world.

Now, all kinds of tools and mechanisms that require action can be fed from energy derived from a natural [ubiquitous, inexhaustible] source.

It can be used in any application:

  • Land, air and water vehicles
  • Space vehicles,
  • Houses and businesses,
  • Manufacturing organizations of all sizes,
  • Pedestrian and vehicle routes,
  • Rural and agricultural areas,
  • Defense Industry,
  • Healthcare Industry,
  • and many other areas …

Can operate in any environment:
Land, air, water, under water, the absence of air, vacuum environment, or in a zero-gravity environment.

There is no problem of maintenance:
The lifetime is in direct proportion to the magnet manufacturer’s warranty period, which have typical life spans ranging from 18-40 years. At the end of this period, the magnets can be replaced, or recharged per the method of creating magnets.

BSMH’s main intention for the product is to make it available to people all over the world as soon as possible. This can help eliminate negative factors in the world such as global warming [mostly a function of solar cycles], pollution, and economic problems.

According to official reports and feasibility studies, the motor is able to pay for itself in 1-2 years at the latest. With the necessary production strategies, new research and development techniques, materials technology, and with the help of different design processes, the costs and times required can be significantly reduced.

This motor can be built and applied in every corner of the world, in accordance with the production needs.

BSMH‘s side project is humanitarian: to help the disabled, the elderly, and children in all aspects of life; as well as to provide facilities to conduct studies.

BSMH does not target any person or organization but will endeavor to allow involvement with participants from all walks of life, via all kinds of cooperation, joint projects and initiatives to engage in the projects. The main precondition (rule) is that all the projects have to be for humanity, and must be commonly supported by all sectors of the public. Regardless of the differences of religion, language, race, country, culture, etc., we are taking a step towards a common project in the world.

This Magnetic Motor is the first step in a series of projects. This is just the beginning of Muammer YILDIZ’s projects.

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